After Baby Arrives

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After baby

At Dupont, Mom makes the rules.

Whew!! Baby is here. Months of planning and preparation are over! You both deserve some rest!

At Dupont Hospital we encourage Mom and baby to room together.

At Dupont, Mom makes the rules. Aunts, uncles, friends, sisters, anyone is welcome to visit Mom whenever Mom wants them to. When Mom wants and needs rest, one of our team members will kindly explain that Mom has requested some time for rest.

We encourage extended family and friends to call ahead and ask the nurses for a convenient time to make a brief visit.

How can we help Mom relax? Room service with made-to-order entrees and snacks, in-room movies, and a spacious shower – all in your room. Sounds like a hotel, doesn't it? It's all part of the Dupont Difference.

Even though babies are small, they create big changes in the lives of their families. We're here to help every step of the way.