Emergency Care for Adults 65+

Older adults may have certain conditions that require special attention in an emergency.
Dupont Hospital's accredited geriatric ED delivers this distinct care through:

  • Staff specially trained in issues of aging (arthritis; balance problems and falls; diabetes; frailty; hypertension; dementia; pain management; function; urinary problems; supportive/end-of-life care).
  • Senior-friendly rooms featuring beds with thicker mattresses; large recliners; enhanced lighting; temperature control; non-slip floors; large-faced clocks and seating for family.
  • Age-related assessments to quickly identify physical or mental health risks, including frailty, delirium, inappropriate medication use or risk of falling.
  • Discharge assistance that includes a review of the senior patient's living arrangements and support system related to post-discharge care.
  • A hip fracture program focused on early surgical intervention, patient-centered care and shorter hospital stays.

Dupont Hospital's ER was the first ER in Indiana accredited by the American College of Emergency Physicians as a Geriatric Emergency Department.

American College of Emergency Physicians Geriatric Emergency Department