Birth Navigator

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Birth Navigator

The Birthplace at Dupont Hospital offers personal birth navigator services to help guide expectant mothers through pregnancy. The navigator and mom-to-be meet twice, once between 16 and 20 weeks and then again around 32 to 36 weeks. If mom is expecting multiples, the second meeting will be around 28 to 32 weeks. Please call to discuss birth navigator options if you exceed the gestation period for session one. Accommodations may be made to provide mom-to-be a quality, informative opportunity.

The first visit with the navigator includes:

  • A private tour of The Birthplace
  • Details about maternity services and amenities, from 24-hour room service to free Wi-Fi
  • Help with hospital preregistration
  • Assistance selecting classes that meet each mom's needs and schedule
  • Class registration
  • Helpful tips for selecting baby's pediatrician or family doctor
  • Information about choosing a car seat
  • A review of the birth preferences sheet
  • Details about community resources and support

During the second visit, each mom:

  • Confirms the name of her pediatrician or family doctor
  • Turns in the completed birth preferences sheet
  • Receives birth certificate information
  • Has baby's car seat checked/installed
  • Schedules or completes a bra fitting
  • Discusses hospital consents
  • Completes the health history/admission for her hospital stay

For more information or to set up a time to meet with a birth navigator, click here or call (260) 416-3042(260) 416-3042.